Friday, July 18, 2008

Summer vacation

Ahh, that magical time of year when your normally mostly well behaved children turn into Gremlins (and not the cute fuzzy one either, the howling, slimy, yucky ones with an attitude problem). My 10 year old's angry with me because I won't let her leave our street by herself, and none of the kids on our street want to play with her any more because she called another girl a name. My four year old is in the stage where some days he takes a nap, some days not, his allergies are bothering him, he's interested in everything, except when it comes time to do it, which all equals a great big bundle of whine. And the baby, well... if he isn't outside at least 2 hours a day, he becomes destructo boy. Which would not be a problem, except for the mid 50's temperatures and the constant downpour of rain. I don't care if they play in the rain when it's warm, but cold and wet, not a good combo.

All in all, I have a house full of howler monkeys.

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