Friday, January 18, 2008

So very tired....

Well if today and yesterday's jumping up and down jubilation is anything to judge by, my depression is a thing of the past. Who knew comments and links would cause such extreme joy? Thank you Kim, Jeni T and Christie so much for making this week so excellent!

On a more serious note, I did call around to different doctors to see about getting some medication advice. Unfortunately, because I am between insurances at the moment, I am looking at a $300 office visit, plus the cost of whatever prescription I get, so I am holding off a little bit longer. Insurance should be up and running again by March, but depending on how I feel over the next couple of weeks, I may just bite the bullet and pay for it sooner. It truly sucks being the only person in the house without reliable insurance. My husband and children are covered all the time, because they are part Native American, but I have to rely on my husband's insurance plan, and since he only works half the year, I'm just not allowed to get sick or hurt during the winter. Oh well.

And on to the bone-crushing exhaustion - Chunky decided that when we told him to go to bed last night, that was just a suggestion, not an order, and he had other plans. We put him to bed at 8:30, he and Peanut were still up giggling and playing with the lights until after 10:00. They finally fell asleep, John went to bed at 11:30, and I laid on the couch reading a book until 1:00. I had just gotten to the point where I was so sleepy I kept dropping the book, when all hell broke loose up in the boys' room. Chunky started screaming at the top of his lungs like he was dying, so I race up the stairs and get him out of bed. He has a very soggy and very stinky diaper, and a raw, sore tushie. So I fix him up and his cuddles with me on the couch, but apparently, he couldn't get comfy enough to sleep because he kept flipping around, kicking me in the face, the stomach, and any other part of me he could find. After fishing his foot out of my nostril for the fourth time, I finally gave up and made him go back to bed. All is good until 3:00am, when the screaming begins anew. No bad diaper this time, just a very upset baby. After calming him down, he decided this time, heck with that sleeping business, it's time to play! So despite all my best efforts, the little demon was awake until 5:00. Finally get him back to bed, and guess what? 6:00am it starts all over. At 7:30, I call into work to be late because I need a nap, forgetting that our bookkeeper has a meeting this morning that will prevent her from being able to fill in for me too. Oops. Luckily, it was a really dull morning. At 10:00, I wake up to a very wet baby patting my face with his very wet hands, and a very annoyed 3 year old informing me "Chunky bwoke TB, Mommy, fitsit PWEEEEEEASE." Apparently, Chunky woke up feeling just fine, and decided to go fishing in the toilet, his new favorite pastime (you through in a truck and fish it back out, sounds fun, doesn't it?), after pushing every button on the remote he could get his fat little fingers on at the same time. And where was John during all this you ask? Well, I THOUGHT he was outside working on the truck, and although I wanted to kill him for leaving the boys essentially unattended, I thought at least he's in the driveway, and probably going back and forth from in to out hunting tools and other miscellaneous stuff. So I get ready for work, and walk out the door to inform him I'm leaving, and I notice something funny about my driveway. What could it be? Oh yeah, there's a car missing! So I try calling him. 4 times. No answer. An hour later, he strolls in, saying he had gone to the library and the parts store, trying to find a repair manual for the truck, and that he had told the boys where he was going and to go wake up Mommy before he left. Umm, excuse me? They are 18 months and 3 years old. Somehow, I don't think they've quite got that whole relaying messages thing down pat yet, but thanks for trying! Idiot. So now, I am sitting at work, trying to look busy while avoiding any possibility of real actual work, and all i really want to do is crawl under my desk and take a nap. Oh yeah, and my head hurts. But hey - the good news is Chunky learned a new skill this morning - he can now fish for TWO trucks at the same time. Go baby!

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