Friday, November 2, 2007

Good Intentions

I have noticed some things about myself, what with all the introspection and blah blah blah. One thing in particular that I have noticed is that while I have great intentions, I rarely follow through. Take this blog, for instance. I had this great idea to make my very own all for me blog to spew forth some of the craziness that inhabits my world daily and to therefore help me keep a tiny little hold on my sanity. And I haven't updated in a week. Sigh. Not only am I just completely incapable of keeping promises to anyone else, now I can't even keep them to myself. I blame this on my increasingly Swiss-cheese-like memory (thank you Quantum Leap - all hail 90's TV). Does anyone know what the early warning signs of Alzheimer's are? Or adult ADD? For the longest time, I've been blaming my horrible memory on "pregnancy insanity" or just general mommy-hood, but I am really starting to think there's something wrong with me.

In other news, this past week has been full of the crazies, so maybe I can be forgiven for forgetting and having to reset my brand new shiny blogger password, twice. My mother in law, who I shall call Dev (short for The Devil), had finally given up on trying to reform my poor housekeeping ways and returned to her very own home in Redneck Hell. After 4 MONTHS in my house. Oh, the tears of joy. That was last Saturday. Then, my mother decided to fly into town. After not speaking to me for over 2 months because she is off her meds and in her own personal Insanityland. Thankfully, she is not staying in my house (I love the woman, really I do, but her mood swings are just too much for me). She did come over for dinner with the friend she is staying with, a very sweet lady I've known since I was a baby and whose children (also adopted) I was very good friends with. I haven't seen her or her kids in 17 years, so that was different, but nice. Her kids no longer live up here in the frozen tundra, but I did get to see pictures. Then on Tuesday night, my husband decided to cash in our last travel voucher and take off that night to go back Outside to take care of some moving and such that wasn't done when we moved here 2 years ago. So my mother stayed with me for two days (shudder), and I had to find a last minute nanny. Which actually worked out surprisingly well - I love love love this girl. She is so exceptionally sweet, and Peanut loves her, which is amazing. He is so shy and completely shuts down around new people, but within 30 minutes of her arriving at our home, he was sitting in her lap, stroking her leg and saying she was "All mine, my Nanny." Since my boy hardly ever talks, and I've certainly never heard that phrase before, I just about fell over in shock. She was hired immediately.

So, things are relatively settled. I'm looking forward to a quiet-ish weekend. I will be moving some furniture around, setting up our (thankfully empty for now) guest room again, and other general housekeeping chores. And watching the entire 2nd season of Bones. Honey, I love you, but you'll just have to watch it yourself when you come home.

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